I come from the belief that we are small consciousness incarnated in human bodies, animal, or in any form of life of the vegetable kingdom (spiritual beings living a physical experience). There are also other forms of consciousness, which have decided not to incarnate in body and help us from another dimension as would be the ascended masters, Angels, Archangels, or the Elementals of nature.


We are in the fourth dimension, transmuting to the fifth now (hence the quantum jump). Quantum physics is giving a lot of evidence and explanations about how this happens. I recommend the film «And you who know» to everyone, it talks about quantum physics from many perspectives and examples. There are mainly 7 dimensions of existence, each with a different frequency and function. All beings of all dimensions are interconnected through the Supreme Consciousness, God, the original source, or the Great Spirit, as the indigenous cultures called it. It is through meditation that I open all my channels and receive information.


My desire for personal growth begun at an early age because, born in the family I chose, being my mother an Astrologer and Bach Flower Therapist, and being my father a Painter and Reiki therapist, I was surrounded all day by interesting books, music, talks with the elders that interested me a lot, prayer circles for the healing of the planet through violet light and the energy of St. Germain, among other meetings with teachers like Kumar, Sai Baba in India, Amma and Krisnamurti, whom I met on a family trip in Switzerland, when I was only 9 years old. In y childhood I experienced  visions of beings, connection with the Angels, and paranormal experiences as premonitions through dreams and spontaneous clairvoyance. The fact that my family accepted and shared all this only made it expand, for that reason I feel lucky. But it was not easy to live with it sometimes: my extreme sensitivity made me feel the energies and events of places, and of people, it was a difficult world for me to deal with. Always with an eye on the stars and in daily contact with nature, both sea and mountain are my refuge where Mother Earth nourishes and regenerates me.


My learning path, summed up:


  • I have received individual therapy and I have participated in personal growth groups for many years with the Psychologist Mª del Mar Garcia Muñoz, from whom I learned NLP, transactional analysis and bioenergetics, among others.
  • I was trained as a Tarologist for three years (1995-1998), which included two years of theory and practice, and an entire year of supervised practice and interpretation. Being initiated in numerology and astrology, included in the meaning of each major arcana, gave me a new perspective on the reading and the interpretation in Evolutionary Tarot, taking as therapeutic work the awakening of consciousness through the 22 Archetypes.
  • Practitioner of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.
  • Art studies at the Llotja de Barcelona
  • Post-Graduate in Art-therapy at the University of Girona
  • Post-Graduate in Personal Coaching.
  • Working with dreams and power animal, by Karina Malpica, Mexican therapist.
  • Master in ISPA, including practices that surpassed 300 hours and a Thesis, including an investigation of «Art Therapy and Music Therapy applied to the Prenatal Stage», published in 2017, in a monographic book, in the Complutense University of Madrid).
  • Extensive experience in consultation guiding adults, children, couples and families, going through complex life processes, also in collaboration with Psychology and Psychopedagogy centers. I provide these psychotherapeutic tools in any work I do. 



  • Animal communication, by Clara Martín, from Madrid.
  • Reiki for animals level 1, with Clara Martín.


  • «Driving on foot» with horses in semi-freedom «by José Romera, at the Hípica Cavall de Mar, Llagostera.
  • Post-Graduate Course in Inter-Cultural Music Therapy, at the University of Girona. One step forward towards broadening awareness and then applying this knowledge in Reiki sessions or Art Therapy workshops.

    My interest in getting to know different species and knowing how to connect better, unables me to stop training and learning. In September 2017 I travelled to the Azores, in Sao Miguel, to swim and connect with the dolphins and whales in full freedom, in the middle of the Atlantic. Such experience left a big mark on my heart, I was left with no words… I was amazed by the peace, unconditional love and joy that they give off. They are beings of great sensitivity and empathy. 

  • As a result of this first contact with dolphins and whales, I decided to take the Tuning and Mastery of Reiki – Atlantis Dolphins course, under the guidance of Lourdes Alarcón Zamora.
  •  Working with the energy of the Dragons, by Lourdes Alarcón. 


  • Remote search for lost animals, by Lourdes Alarcón. 3 March
  • Started for the opening of the elemental vortices by Leslie Murray of California, started by Patricia Cota Robles.
  • Master class with horses with Leslie Desmond, in Llinars del Vallés, on May 9, 2018.
  • Course Creation of my Shamanic Drum, by Joel Olivé, Music Therapist and Musician, June 23.
  • Reptile Management Course, at the Amphibian and Reptile Recovery Center of Catalonia, organized by Animal Attitude, held on 01 and 02 August.
  • Humanitarian Eduaction, Human Rights, Environmental Ethics and Animal Protection by FAADA. 2018
  • Course Intelligence and Cognition in Primates, in Mona Foundation, 3 and 4 of August.
  • Trained as Bach Flower Therapist, with Mercè Giménez, Veterinarian and CEO Natural Life Animal. 2018
  • Attendance at the «Horses and Humans» conference in Albanyà from September 28 to 30, 2018.
  • Attendance at the Congress «Does Death exist? Consciousness in Life» by Merry Human Life Society 10/06/18.
  • Distance course, Feline Behavior I Feline Therapy, with Laura Trillo, October 8.
  • I am currently taking «The 10 key questions in the adoption of pets», by Cátedra Fundación Affinity. 2018.
  • Doula del Alma course, guidance through death and mourning, by Olga Porqueras. 2018-2019