"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Mahatma Gandhi

"The soul is the same in all creatures, although the body of each is different."


"Each individual has a role to play: each individual makes a difference."

Jane Goodall

"Our task must be to liberate ourselves by expanding our circle of compassion so that it welcomes all living creatures and all of nature and its beauty."

Albert Einstein

 “Real communication exists when a heart-to-heart, soul-to-sould connection happens. Only thus can we be one and heal. This is humanity’s purpose: líving in harmony with nature, reconnecting and remembering that a long time ago humans, animals and nature we all sple the same Language. There is no shape, name, skin that tears us apart, it is only an illusion, we are siblings on this Earth. Let’s make it a paradise through rising our consciousnesses, looking into each other’s eyes is the first step…” Anna Freijomil Reverter. Foto © by Michel Martinez B. – Cleo mi compañera gata y yo.

My Mission I build a bridge to the non-visible world: energies, emotions, psychic experiences, souls, nature’s elemental beings, and the visible world: people, animals and nature. Uniting both in order to find a comprehension and cooperation for a good purpose.

I’m honest and careful when it comes to pass on the messages I receive since I’m aware that they touch people’s lives. Humbly, I continue learning from every experience and from everyone around me. I desire that my work to help anyone that may need it and to serve the upcoming generations and leave a better world. 

How do I do it? Through the following both born-with and learnt resources: 

  • TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION: this is between the conscience of an animal and my conscience, which translates into information in the form of images, sensations or messages, which should serve to help in the evolutionary process, both of the person and the animal, in relation to its environament, to itself (acceptance of a situation … etc.). In any case the telepathic communication is a first contact in the distance, very useful together with another treatment forms such as Reiki or Bach Flowers prepared by an expert to whom I can refer you.
  • CLAIRVOYANCE: I receive images as a flash or several sequences, which together, end up forming a story or part, which gives me clues of events. These images are linked to important emotions linked to that place, event, person, or animal. They can be events of the past, present or potential future, since this last one is always moving.

  • CHANNELING: I perceive non-physical presences around me, and I can describe the events that may go on. I act as a channel to connect with the soul of a living being or in another dimension so you can ask them questions and communicate messages. I also help souls to travel to the light. It is a power that has come to me from previous lives and female lineage. It has been transmitted from mothers to daughters for generations.
  • EMOTIONALLY: due to my capacity for empathy I can feel the emotion that the person or animal is going through at that moment, and even find its origin. One of my main objectives is to emotionally infuse peace, courage and hope, and challenge you to overcome obstacles. As a coach, I am able to make you see things from another perspective, a constructive and positive one, as well as realistic.
  • PHYSICALLY: I can feel in my body what the animal feels, whether it is the specific phisical aspect or the presence of another soul or entity. Also touching an object or place, I can perceive impregnated information, known as psychometric capacity.
  • CLAIRAUDIENCE: This means that I can hear messages or sounds that have something to do with the person who is consulting or with the animal that is being sought (example: the sound of a train, the sea… they bring us to the place where it is).

There is a code on professional ethics of interspecies animal communicators, created by Penelope Smith in 1990, which states: «The objective of any consultation, conference, workshop or experiences of interest is more communication, balance, compassion, understanding and communion between all beings. » (In the link you have the entire code of ethics, translated from the original in English).

I give you my channeled prayer, of the Great Spirit for all of you:

«May the connection with the Great Spirit always guide our steps,
embellish our words,
give meaning to our acts,
and fill our hearts with peace. Amen.»


(my spiritual name given by Amma)